During the warmer months, a hidden danger could be causing harm to your pets.

Grass seeds can sneak their way into your pet’s paws, ears, nostrils, or eyes, and can cause severe health problems.

If grass seeds are not removed and are left untreated, they can cause significant issues. These can include ear infections, abscess formation, ruptured eardrums, loss of an eye, or even an Aural Haematoma.

Treatment for grass seeds can be extremely complicated and often require an anaesthetic.

Prevention is the key! To minimise the risk to your pet, we recommend the following;

  • grass seeds. Keep an eye on the length of your grass. Shorter grass is the best way to minimise the risk of
  • Check your pet daily for grass seeds. They could be hiding in their coat, toes, eyes, and ears!
  • Regularly groom your dog.
  • Avoid dry grass areas when taking your dog out.

If you suspect a grass seed might be bothering your pet, it is essential to see a vet as soon as possible to avoid further complications.